Magna-Trap® Turbo-Lite Grinder

The “Turbo-Lite” is high-production and portable.  It aggressively grinds concrete surfaces like a turbo grinder while having portable attributes. It weighs less than 100lbs, has a folding handlebar with built-in handgrip for travel. The TL9 is great for removal and resurfacing in hard-to-reach areas.
  • RUNS OFF a 115v 15 AMP Circuit
  • Ideal for Grinding & Removing concrete imperfections, sealers & thin coatings
  • Ideal for Stripping off brittle flaking material likepaint and epoxies w/EDCO Magna-Blades
    (TL-9 is NOT recommended for removal of soft gummy applications like glue or mastic.Use EDCO SEC-NG or Dual Disc Grinder for these applications)
  • Uses EDCO’s Magna-Trap® Premium Diamond Tooling
  • Comes with leveling adjustment lever that helps for even tooling wear during operation.
  • Comes standard with 2" vacuum port & can be used with EDCO's VAC200 for OSHA compliant silica dust control
  • At only 94lbs it fits inside car trunks when the handlebar is collapsed

  • Product Spec Sheet

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