Walk-Behind Saw Accessories

Universal Cutting Blades

EDCO’s NEW Universal Blades are designed to cut wet or dry on cured concrete as well as Asphalt/Green Concrete. One blade to do it all. Made in the USA.
Name Part # Price (USD)
18" Universal Blade HU1812V4 $270
14" Universal Blade HU1412V4 $122

14" Walk-Behind Saws (SK14, SB14, ASB14) - Standard Cutting Blades

Name Part # Price (USD)
14″ Asphalt/Green Concrete Diamond Blade HA1412V5 $172

18" Walk-Behind Saws (DS-18) - Standard Cutting Blades

Name Part # Price (USD)
18" Standard Concrete Blade HG1812V3 $194
18" Standard Asphalt Blade HA1812V5 $186

Water Tank Assemblies

Supplies water to cutting blade when running water is unavailable.
Name Part # Price (USD)
Water Tank Assembly (SK14) 52075 $423.74
Water Tank Assembly (KL-14) 300093 $244.7
Water Tank Assembly (KL-18, DS-18, DS-20) 56310 $237.34

Vacuum Port Guard For Upcut Saws

Available for EDCO UpCut saws. Attach vacuum hose directly above the cutting surface for dust prevention.

For Use On:
Name Part # Price (USD)
Vacuum Port Blade Guard 81030 $442.39